Kwesta Looking Forward to Returning to School After Dropping out Over A Decade Ago

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Back when he was a teenager, his mother had robust academic dreams for him, but the mind of “Vur Vai” mastermind was not in them. He was possessed by the spirit of music and just wanted to go out and chase his music dreams.

And he did just that to the chagrin of his mother. He dropped out of school and left home at 16 and practically lived in the studio where he recorded his first demo which he sent to Slikour and Shugasmakx.

The decision to drop out of school had nothing to do with lack of intelligence. He was a bright student but just wanted to go chase his music dreams. He said to TshisaLIVE: “After I ran away from home I dropped out of school and just stopped going to classes. I did that because every time I went to school I didn’t want to be there because I knew that I was wasting my time.

Source: Instagram/ Instagram

“ Like I’m not too dumb… I wasn’t doing too badly at school. It had nothing to do with that, I didn’t find things difficult or anything like that

Looking back, leaving school at that point is not a decision the RapLyf boss regrets. He has achieved most of his dreams and is recognized at the moment as one of the most important artistes in South Africa.

The platinum-selling artiste and serial hitmaker, who was raised by a single mother, is however looking forward to returning to school. At the moment he is yet to decide just when he would return. It is a decision he is keeping close to his chest as his music career unfolds.

Source: Kwesta/ Instagram

He would make a decision at some point, as he doesn’t see himself rapping as a 60-year-old. He concluded: “I mean I could rap at 60 but I just don’t see myself as a rapping 60-year-old. I don’t wanna be a Snoop Dog. I wanna retire somewhere and just chill and an education will come in handy.

I’ll probably go back but for the moment I don’t really know what I would study. I’m not really in that space right now where I am really thinking about it but it will happen at some point.”

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