Kwesta and Homie Quan to Headline #HeinekenExperience with Rick Ross, Who’s Asking for the Girls…

RapLyf boss and “Vur Vai” mastermind may well make a fine comedian. The rapper recently revealed the comic side of him when he thought out loud about his ability to bring top American rappers and to South Africa and then compared himself to Patrice Motsepe, one of South Africa’s wealthiest men.

The reason for the comparison is not farfetched. and are big stars and don’t settle for change. It takes hard cash and prominence to bring them around. So, well, meet “Patrice Motsepe Dakar.” Yes?

“#TZTydKwesta not quite Patrice but I try my best at least… I’m bringing out @Rick for le ‘sthing-thing saseSandton’ no rich homie quams, just SA’s #1 and @RichHomieQuan! @RapLyfRecordsZA, had tweeted.

Kwesta, who recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary with wife Yolanda, will perform with and at the #HeinekenExperience on Friday December 14 as well as release his collaboration with (titled “Come From the Bottom”) and with Rick Ross (titled “Kuhambani”).

Rick Ross is not only looking forward to his performance at the #HeinekenExperience and to shooting the video of “Kuhambani,” he is also looking to have a good time before the Friday blast.

Source: Kwesta/ Instagram

And the best way to have a great time, apparently, is to spend time in the company of the babes. There’s no dulling with the “Purple Lamborghini” crooner, really. He posted a video asking female fans to meet him at Checkers.

Checkers? What Checkers? The fast-food restaurant in America or the local supermarket in South Africa? It has been questions after questions from fans but the rapper has made no clarification.

Watch the video below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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