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King Monada’s Malwedhe #IdibalaChallenge attracts Government warning




Bolobedu House Royal, looks to have inspired a new movement with his recently released monster hit record which he titles “Malwedhe.”

On the song, sings about fainting or collapsing in the event his heartthrob leaves him; a fact he claims is connected with a health phenomenon that triggers such fall.

The fan-acceptance and buzz the single has generated has been so massive it has birthed the popular #IdibalaChallenge across various social media platforms.

The challenge borders on fans singing along to the monster hit record of the “Ska Bhora Moreki” mastermind whose real name is Khutso Steven Kgatle.

However, when it comes to the part that talks about fainting, they would fall in a heap on the floor as if they had just fainted. Then, would get up, continue singing, and repeat the falling process all over again.

In fact, pupils of an unidentified school were suspended after they took the challenge to their classroom to the displeasure of their teacher.

While falling or fainting in the classroom might be a safer bet, some drivers have now joined in the #IdibalaChallenge much to the concern of The Road Traffic Management Corporation.

Simon Zwane of the Governmental agency therefore cautioned road users saying indulging in the challenge can hinder the ability to concentrate while driving; leading to dire consequences.

“The time you take your eyes off the road can lead to a fatal crash. This is dangerous,” he said.

Not done, Zwane frowned at the example of two paramedics still in their uniforms and without seat belts but who responds to the challenge while operating emergency vehicles.

“It is in the same category as texting and driving. Many fatal crashes are caused by this. It is worse for these two (paramedics) because they are not wearing safety belts. Crashes happen within a split of a second and drivers should keep full concentration on the road. Motorists should desist from this practice. It is dangerous and places the lives of road users at risk,” he concluded.

Whichever way, the #IdibalaChallenge of ’s “Malwedhe” continues to garner traction even across the border to other Southern African countries.

Peep some videos of the challenge below, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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