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Kid X gets personal on Trending SA




Are you one of those who pride themselves in having an in-depth knowledge of “Thank Da King” mastermind Kid X? Well, what you know may turn out to be mere surface knowledge, as has just revealed some aspects of his life that have not been made public previously.

We get know about some aspects of ’s life from his recent interview with Trending SA. The hip hop artiste spoke on various subjects that gave insights into his life, and the fans should be happier for it. Who doesn’t want to know more about his favourite stars?

Source: Trending SA/Instagram

Although Kid X has been in the industry for almost a decade, he has only just now released his debut album “Thank Da King.” Before now fans were mostly acquainted with singles.

Kid X, who was born in Mpumalanga, sees his childhood as a “slippery slope” because of the nature of his father’s job made the family move regularly. But Kid X made the most of the experience, and now he is able adapt quickly in any environment and relate with people on many levels.

The release of Kid X’s album “Thank Da King” has thrown fans into a fever of excitement. Their excitement is matched only by that of Kid X himself, as, according him, he was not in a hurry to release an album but an album that will truly stand out when released. Also, he was honoured to collaborate with some outstanding voices out there, including Shwi Nomtekhala and Esther Mahlangu.

Source: Kid X/ Instagram

Kid X gladly says he has learned a lot from Shwi Nomtekhala, with whom he collaborated on his album “Thank Da King.” Since is his first album, Kid X admitted having invested his heart and soul in it. By the way, the evidence of this is clear in the album, which interrogates several subjects including relationships.

The rapper, who can count several singles to his credit, including “Plaak,” admits writing his lyrics on paper because it stimulates his mind: “I went back to the basics of writing on paper with a feather pen – just to stimulate my mind.

Kid X never shies away from showing love on social media, which point to the way he was raised. He also uses his platforms to promote other artistes, including TLT and L-Tido. About this, he said: “For me, that is all I know, it also speaks to how I was raised. Love is a way of nurturing and try to improve a situation.

Now, you surely do know why Kid X’s name has rarely been associated with anything shameful. The rapper is in control of his life. Or what do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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