Kelly Khumalo’s Battle with Rejection and Trust Issues

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Trust is a scarce commodity nowadays. And for those who have had their trust in people disappointed, it is truly hard to trust again.

And, beyond the gleam and glamour, celebrities also have their own struggles, and even contend with rejection as much as the ordinary people.

’s life offers us a peep into this morbid reality. In a recent chat with radio presenter Thami Dish on Touch HD, the star observed: “I am still struggling with rejection. I cannot deal with rejection. Even in a relationship‚ if I don’t know how you feel about me‚ I’m not going to be that girl who tells you upfront how I feel because I am afraid of how you might take it or what if it isn’t reciprocated. Rejection.

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Such candour is not common in the industry. But the songstress, who once dated Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo, cannot care less what people think. She went on to say: “Everybody goes through things but somehow it becomes taboo when Kelly goes through it. You are even afraid to say‚ ‘I’m actually single’ because everyone is gonna think‚ ‘Kelly you have it all. You are beautiful‚ you are talented’ and I’m like ‘uh ah.’

She must have had her past experiences in mind, also, when she made the following observations  in the same interview: “I don’t think I’ve ever been in love‚ or loved the way I wished to be. It’s always been about who’s around me and who’s giving me attention. It’s never really been about love or being in love with a particular person.

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The result? She has a gulf of trust in her life. Without apologies, the only person she trusts is herself. She concluded: “I don’t trust…I need to trust. For me‚ I struggle with that. I am probably the only person I trust.

She seemed to be heeding Robert Greene’s words that trust is for amateurs. Inadvertently, maybe.


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