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KayGee DaKing And Bizizi Cofirm Their Split As a Duo




Just as we receive some of the best times, we have also seen some sour events take place, and one of such is KayGee Daking and Bizizi confirming their split as a duo.

For years, these two have been serving us major movements and also split the creative direction to be presented from both ends.

They received the credit for pulling up several street anthems including “Hello Summer” which remains one of their most outstanding presentations so far.

Talking about recent feats, about a month ago, they released the “New Government EP” alongside Mapara A Jazz, featuring the likes of M PaQ, Jeez Fuza and Inno Matijane.

The split was confirmed by Bizizi on her social media page as she said “I’m sorry to tell you guys that me and KaygeeDaking we no longer working together due to personal issues that I can’t talk about.

“It’s been a good 3 years of BIZIZINOKAYGEE. WE ARE SORRY It’s time to move on !!” Kaygee Daking has also confirmed this but has assured fans of more releases from their individual stables.

It was also hinted that the now-defunct duo is set to release the “Kwasuka Lohko” album.

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