K.O’s Post Birthday Reflections: 2 Years of Too Many Losses

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Fire Emoji” mastermind has just given us a glimpse into the lives of artistes. They are human too, and it is not all caviar and laughter for them all the time. They have their fair share of doubts and difficulties, of pain, and even of depression.

provoked great interest and concern on Twitter when he tweeted that he was at a crossroads in his life: “‘Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani’ cried Jesus on the cross (my God, my God why have You forsaken me). Exact same words rolling off the tip of my tongue as I stand at the crossroads of my life.”

He followed that up with another tweet that hinted at depression. He has been in a “dark hour” for the past two years. “I took too many losses for a man with a heart as big as mine and this dark hour has lasted over two years! Lead me to the light.”

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The second tweet got fans deeply worried, and an extended enquiry from fans followed. Some fans encouraged him to hang on, others called him a fighter and told him  not to give up. K.O replied to and shared some of the tweets.

Although it may seem K.O is at a crossroads, he has been in the industry long enough to grasps the fact that some seasons are good, and some are not so good. The “not-so-good” season had provoked depression in the past, but he wouldn’t want to entertain depressive thoughts again.

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He clarified that his previous two tweets were mere reflections, a plausible statement given that he celebrated his birthday only days ago. He, however, thanked his fans for their care and concern. He wrote on his Instagram page: “Re: my previous post, just happened to be thinking out loud – reflecting. I appreciate all the positive messages – grateful.

“I’m 100s, a tad of anxiousness perhaps leading up to the next phase of my journey as an man/artist/entrepreneur with the plethora of opportunities looming in the horizon. Sit back and watch me make you proud! God engineering 🙏🏾

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Now he is channeling his energies into encouraging and motivating others. His most recent motivational post encouraged fans not to let people’s negative opinions become their reality.



  1. Why didn’t you guys spin a 325i ku Another Chance KO no Ma E what happened?
    ku caracara you did best
    now Let us Prepare the new BMW Bakkie Song ??

  2. Why didn’t you guys spin a 325is ku Another Chance KO no Ma E what happened?
    ku caracara you did best
    now Let us Prepare the new BMW Bakkie Song ??

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