Junior De Rocka Schools Troll Who Called His Daughter ‘Not Cute’

Source: /Instagram

SA playmaker, would accommodate trolls who come for him, but he’ll be having no attacks against his innocent daughter.

The “Ngiyam’thanda Lona” mastermind is a proud father; especially as he adores and shares images of his one year old daughter whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Ntando Duma across social media channels.

However, when he recently shared another picture of himself and his little girl, a dissatisfied non-fan took to his page with the most negative and hurtful comment a father could have to deal with.

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“I’m sorry but this baby isn’t cute,” said the follower.”

Well, would have none of that and took out the time to school the bitter soul on the essence of beauty as well as his own appreciation of his baby girl.

“God made my baby to look like this. She many not be cute to u n that’s okay. Imagine if all of us looked the same… imagine if every human being was so negative n evil like u bashing toddlers online. How nasty would the world be?! I love my daughter n she looks cute to me❤️,” he responded.

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Excitingly, Junior De Rocka got the support of Tweeps across the platform as well as that of industry titan, who wondered why people are so angry.

“People are not happy in their lives n they come bring that energy on us here. Why can’t we be loving n nice to others?! Is love that difficult to spread?!” Junior Tweeted in response.


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