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Judy Jay Officially Quits Her Career As A Disc Jockey




There are quite a number of entries but not so much exits, but Judy Jay has presented a different case as quits being a disc jockey.

It has been a year of hits and recording wins for the super talented Judy Jay, who has also been exposed to the masters of the game including Oscar Mbo the master.

made this latest development known to her fans via a letter shared across her social media page and explained the reasons to be personal.

said: “The hardest decision I had to make, like I said on the statement I’ve been thinking about this for the longest time and I keep reaching the same conclusion 

With this being said for my well being & personal reasons I quit being a DJ (Judy Jay), this is a goodbye from me 😔 I Love You all and thanks for the support.”

In the short time of her reign, has accomplished quite a number of feats, and some blazing mixtapes like “Tequila Gang Live Mix.” She will definitely be missed by all.

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