It is Fire for Fire as Kelly Khumalo Lashes Out at Cyber Bullies Over Chad Da Don

, the “Dance Comigo” crooner, isn’t taking the attacks on her person and her interests lying low. The muso is hitting back and drawing blood.

Some trolls on Twitter have been saying Chad Da Don, who did the “Dance Comigo” video with her, will die for so doing, and has been lashing back appropriately.

Chad Da Done and have had so many cozy moments since her “Dance Comigo” video that people are beginning to say the two are in to something hot. And the death wishes have not abated.

Source: Kelly Khumalo/ Instagram

A Twitter user going by the handled @O35Sam posited that Kelly Khumalo is being bullied not for the fun of it but for the attention. Maybe so. But this time she is not taking it. The cyber bullies have got her attention and she is dropping grenades on their heads.

Her responses to the cyber bullies have been just as savage as the attacks on her person and her interests.

A Twitter user going by the handle @Ellaword1 may have thought she was safe when she wished Kelly Khumalo death outright. “Rip oksalayo,” he wished Kelly Khumalo in a tweet. “S ays the Cock sucking Son of a Slut, who was born with nothing bt a permanent Rip sign on his Forehead.. uyanya mlanjwana ndini who’ll never balls but fucking raisins.. #IDareyouTosayThatOnMyFace.

Indeed the savagery of that response matches the bully’s. They may not have realized it, but the cyber bullies are somehow helping Kelly Khumalo sharpen her clapback skills. The evidence is there for all to see. Soon enough, bullying Kelly Khumalo might become a dangerous pastime. It is fire for fire.

See selected responses from Kelly Khumalo on the issue below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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