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Is Zodwa Wabantu Really Married??




It’s been a crazy weekend, we’ve had the biggest shockers unfold before our eyes and it’s been a crazy set of events. From Priddy Ugly and Bontle tying the knot in a surprise wedding, to Zodwa showing up in a wedding dress.

Mzansi’s vosho queen is next level crazy. The controversial performer left us with mouths wide open when she posted shots of herself in a wedding gown looking bride-ly. Crazy right? Well, that happened. Let’s hope she’s taunting us because we’re still hoping it’s all a big joke.

Briefly reports that the soon to be business woman shared not one but there shots of herself in a wedding dress with her face beat. According to her, she got married but her goals haven’t changed. She wrote “I’m ready. Tonight is the wedding. Forever” and “I got married. I don’t change my Goal. Plans can change.”

Well, she also thanked her designer for the dress making us wonder if maybe this was a dress she’d had made for her wedding to Ntobeko Linda. Recall the two celebs were previously engaged before they announced they had broken up. Could it be she had it made for the wedding before the breakup?

It’s hard to believe Zodwa got married to her new Ben 10 already. The two announced in a previous interview that they were in love but that’s not reason enough to be married so soon. Although, the queen of controversy looked so convincing with her bouquet of flowers that it’s almost impossible to believe she’s joking. Her fans are still in shock as are we.

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