‘INTENTION’ – DJ Zinhle and AKA’s biggest weapon for co-parenting

They might have had a well-publicized split in 2015, but any story about and becomes a juicy piece for the tabloids.

This is because the duo have remained supportive friends ever since and are also parents to their 3 year old daughter, Kairo Forbes.

While co-parenting with a former partner might be somewhat of an herculean task for many, has now revealed hers and Kiernan Forbes’ biggest weapon in a recent .

The South African Sweetheart in a chat with Afternoon Express on Tuesday afternoon said communication and good intentions have played a vital role in their lives as parents.

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“I think the biggest thing is communication, really… My biggest thing that I communicate to Kiernan all the time is good intentions,” she said.

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would go on further to say the intention is the overriding factor in how offensive and uncomfortable messages are passed across and how difficult moments are received.

“We both have to have good intentions about whatever we’re having a conversation about at the time, so that at the end we both know whether it was not received the way that we wanted it to be received, whether someone found it offensive… it was brought forward in an uncomfortable way, but we know the intention was good.”

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The disc jockey and business woman said they’re “big” on intention, and added: “We both just want her to have an easy and comfortable life.”

DJ Zinhle who recently won the SA Style Award has been vocal about ’s vital role as a great father to their daughter; telling the Sowetan recently how loving and supportive he is as a father.

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“He’s very supportive and a good dad. We are different. He’s stricter than I am and I think Kairo enjoys the dynamic. Good co-parenting comes from a good relationship and it’s just about putting all your other differences aside and focusing on the child,” she said at the time



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