“I’d like to apologize” –DJ Shimza Addresses Prince Kaybee

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Champagne” crooner , who was live at the Panama Club Amsterdam last year, and who has been locked in a petty feud with fellow disc jockey Prince Kaybee over the hit “Club Controller,” is keen to begin 2019 with positive energy and has apologized to .

The feud between the duo began sometime last year and blocked on social media. Back then, when made it public that had blocked him, had countered in the following words:

I won’t unblock him. I don’t like negative energy. There was a time, after he knew the song was mine, that he tweeted about it using a different name. He gave the song the wrong title. I felt that was negative. He knew whose song it is. So, I just blocked him.

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DJ Shimza, who came under severe flak last year for suggesting King Monada change his sound, took to WhatsApp to apologize to Prince Kaybee. His apology reads:

Ola bro, I think this thing must just stop, not worth it at all to be showing divisions to even the kids coming after us, if there’s anything i’ve said or done to offend you, i’d like to apologize.

The message apparently didn’t go through, so he took to Twitter to share the same message.

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It is not known whether Prince Kaybee would have a change of heart and unblock him and also renew his friendship with him. But we are certainly watching and will bring you the newest developments.

What are your thoughts on DJ Shimza’s apology? You are welcome to drop them in the comment section.


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