Here’s Why DJ Zinhle Was Trending Tuesday

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Uzobuya” singer shot to the top of the trends list Tuesday, leaving many wondering about the cause, as she had not done anything remarkable at the time. Why was trending then?

As a celebrity, she really doesn’t have to do much to trend. But heck, there has to be a trigger. What was that thing? Why was DJ Zinhle trending? Had she shaded after saying she would never do so? Did she share a sisterly hug with Bonang?

Questions. Questions and more questions. The questions became another thread on Twitter, with many try to piece the puzzle together. Now the whole puzzle has become clearer. It happens a tweet, now deleted, was responsible for the trend.

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In the said deleted tweet, a Twitter user had asked how much peeps were willing to spend to see their partners. The responses varied greatly, reflecting the experiences of the tweet respondents and their orientations.

Apparently the tweet by the twitter user going by the handle @melaninqueen18 stood out from the pack. The Twitter user had asked if none had the screenshot of “Era by dj zinhle.” And that was it. DJ Zinhle began trending.

In case you are wondering how this could make DJ Zinhle trend, here is a little explanation. The “era” in thee said tweet may bo be construed as some time but loosely as “error,” referencing DJ Zinhle’s latest move, including, you guess right, her decision to return to , who many think didn’t treat her right.

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That discovery provoked a wave of hilarity on Twitter. Check out some reactions below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.


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