Has Emtee Nicked a Deal with Juicy J?

2018 was a year of many battles and many challenges for trapster . Besides the feeling, apparent this year, that he disappointed those who loved him and stood by him, ’s relationship record label Ambitiouz Entertainment is no longer at ease.

For those he had disappointed, , who got a splendid career advice from Reason days ago, had taken to Instagram to apologize and to make it clear that he is tired of disappointing them.

His Instagram post reads: “Can’t count how many times I almost died in my life and got rescued by the people I take for granted. God refuses to take me and those who believe in me don’t stop. I thank you, I’m done playing. If I ever disappointed you, forgive me. I’m also tired of disappointing people that love me.

, whose relationship with Ambitiouz Entertainment has reached the point that he had reached out to Sizwe Dhlomo to manage him, may have nicked a juicy deal after all, if his reply to a tweet by Juicy J is anything to go by.

Source: Juicy J/ Instagram

Juicy J, (real name Jordan Michael Houston), 43, is an America rapper and record known for songs such as “Shell Shocked” and “Ain’t Nothing.”

Juicy J had tweeted that he was looking for new artists and producers, and Emter, who had days ago taken a shot at those dissing him, responded: “Whass good

Could this be Emtee has nicked a deal with Juicy J? We are watching.

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