Girl at Centre of Cassper’s Pool Party Controversy, Naledi Denies DJ Techzi

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Just days ago, a storm erupted on Twitter when a guy going by the name of tweeted about his supposed girlfriend saying goodnight to him and then bolting to the poolside party of rapper .

The impression was that she was going to bed at the time, having also claimed to be indisposed. Naledi, the lady in the middle of the storm, has spoken out finally, denying she was in a relationship with .

She made the clarification in a chat with YFM. DJ Techzi, she said, was one with whom she hooked up three times: “Okay, correction! He’s not my boyfriend… hooking up two or three times doesn’t mean we are dating.

She however did not deny that she told DJ Techzi she was ill and about to go to bed. She explained instead that a friend called inviting her to a party. She was unaware, she said, that the party was at ’s house. She only found out when she got there.

I was home and my girl called and said ‘Moriski (what she’s apparently called) let’s go to a party and I was like okay, let’s do it! I had an outfit to show off and I felt like having a good time and as it turned out we were headed to Mufasa’s party.

Source: DJ Techzi/ Twitter

When YFM probed further on why DJ Techzi would just claim she was his babe, she laughed and  responded in Zulu “Maybe ke monate.” Loosely translated, it means “maybe I taste good.”

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