Gigi Lamayne to Bring Healing to South Africa with Talk Series #GigiGangDay

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survived a suicide attempt and is now taking strides to personal healing and the healing of the nation by addressing depression, what had provoked her suicide attempt about a month ago.

Hi everyone! I’ve taken the first step to healing with a talk about mental illness and depression. We kick off today in Durban . Let’s heal a nation. #GigiGang,” she wrote on her Instagram.

The idea of a talk came when an NPO invited her down to Durban to give a talk on mental health. The talks, known as #GigiGangDay, would be therapeutic for as she would be healing herself while helping heal others. And she is all excited about the talks.

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Giving the talks would be putting her in a neutral environment, with people who are out to learn and not to judge. “It’s no secret that many South Africans are unaware of mental illnesses, i.e. depression and I feel that this therapeutic form of sharing will empower not only me but young people around me,” she told TshisaLIVE in a recent chat.

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The important thing to the “Bozza” mastermind, who has suffered depression for seven years, is that people get to understand depression and the importance of mental health. Given the opportunity, she is investing herself to ensure other young people are spared her near tragic experience.

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I wish I could have known that ailments are not always physical and that being constantly under a dark cloud isn’t how life was supposed to be,” Gigi Lamayne, who did “BET Cypher” with and in late October, added in her TshisaLIVE interview.

Someone may not have been there to tell Gigi that ailments are not always physical, but someone is certainly here to keep young people informed about this. That someone is Gigi Lamayne herself. Famous and successful, she is sure to make an impact. South Africa should be better for this.

In her talks, Gigi Lamayne will be discussing all facets of well being. The next #GigiGangDay is on Friday 14 December, 2018. Watch out.


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