Gigi Lamayne Speaks on her Suicide Attempt

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Bozza” crooner has opened up on what triggered her suicide attempt recently. Fans had been scared with the news that the amiable singer had attempted to take her life, thanks to an affliction of depression. She has suffered this affliction seven years, according to her.

She had tweeted her birth date and the date of her death: 7 July 1994 – 3 November 2018. But fans and music lovers across South Africa rallied around one of their own and gave her hope reason to continue living. And , in her hospital bed back then, had written “Suicide don’t (won’t) win.

And it didn’t. Suicide didn’t win. Gigi is around and recently dropped the track “Bozza.” More than that, she is out to love herself some more.

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In a recent chat with Zalebs, she bared her mind on what triggered the suicide attempt.

I recently tried to take my life. It was because of a buildup of things in my life, from society pressures to me questioning my existence. I felt like life was a lot. The cyberbullying is something I thought wasn’t getting to me because I’d read things and it wouldn’t get to me but I guess it went in subconsciously,” she said.

The bullying thing actually started when she was 11. She had exhibited innate abilities and her teachers had taken a special liking to her. Others thought the teachers were giving her special treatment, and they bullied her.

Source: Gigi Lamayne/Instagram

I had been hit and bullied at school and I couldn’t run home either. In matric, I woke up in the morning and I just couldn’t go to school, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a breakdown and got admitted to Akeso Psychiatric Hospital

The death of her friend and mentor Pro (also called ProKid) added to the buildup of emotions that eventual culminated in her suicide attempt. She was devastated by Pro’s death and even took to questioning God and life itself.

And then she snapped again. Having tweeted the day of her death and (planned) death by suicide, she followed that up with another tweet: “The end.”

Source: Gigi Lamayne/Instagram

But the end never came for Gigi Lamayne. A cousin saw her tweet and rushed to her home. She was taken to the hospital and has since been discharged. It was a close shave with death. Gigi Lamayne is still here and we are glad.

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