Gigi Lamayne Says The Worst Verbal Abuse She Got On Social Media Was From A Woman

Online hate is real, and it isn’t fair to anyone. A lot of celebs have suffered so much at the hands of trolls that they’ve had to delete their social media accounts.

International celebs are not the only victims, our local celebrities have had their fair share of social media trolling. Ask , she’s seen it all.

The Femcee recently took to Twitter to reveal the worst abuse she ever got on the internet. According to her, it was from a fellow woman.

She wrote,

The worst kind of verbal abuse I received on social media was from a woman“.

She also believes “some people are only ‘woke’ when it suits them” and we think she’s spot on.

The “Job Woods” mastermind also opened up in an interview with TshisaLIVE where she revealed one of her life’s worst experiences.

Speaking to the news outlet she revealed it was when TV star and radio personality, Gugs M reposted a photo from a video shoot last year. According to her, the TV gal zoomed in on the photo to focus on a dirty floor and capture a cockroach.

Of course that caused a social media rift between the two after which the female emcee apologized.

Speaking in an interview this week, she revealed how much women hate on their fellow women. She said

Women-on-women hate is a real thing, and it’s sad that it has become the narrative of the day. I’m sad that I find myself in situations where I will empower a woman from far but work in close relation with men.”

She further added,

I actually am perplexed at how women-hate-women is so real. We don’t love each other enough. I think it’s because we are insecure about ourselves.”

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