Gigi Lamayne Promises to Love and Work on Self After discharge from Hospital

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Her “attempted suicide” was a big scare for music lovers across Mzansi, especially to her fans. But has managed to pull through that phase in her live and is looking to living a meaningful life.

, who had suffered depression for the past seven years, was hospitalized after an “attempted suicide” – she had written the day of her birth, followed by the year of her death, in a tweet. And the added for effect: “The end.”

But to the joy of her fans, the end never came, and fans have rallied behind the “Twinkle” mastermind, giving her all the support she could ever ask for. Gigi Lamyne, who only a month back did “BET Cypher” with Kid Tini and Sjava, is still here.

Source: Gigi Lamayne/Twitter

As she had said on her hospital bed back then, “Depression Don’t (Won’t) Win.

She was recently discharged from the hospital and took to twitter to thank her fans, friends and colleagues who stood by her in her dark hour. Besides quoting the book of Isaiah 40 verse 29 which says that God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak, she promised to work on herself and love herself too.

Her tweet reads: “Home safe Thank you to every single one of my friends, industry mates and supporters. I’m sorry to you all. Clearly I’m alive to tell my best story yet. I LOVE YOU for loving me at this time of weakness. You made me strong. Now I work on myself. Now I love myself.

And her fans love her even more. Indeed life must go on. Happy recovery, Gigi Lamayne.

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