Gigi Lamayne Opens Up About Father’s Abuse

SA Hip Hop Femcee, has revealed she was a victim of constant abuse by her father at a young age.

We’re just as shocked as you are because she’s never hinted at the full story which obviously shaped her past.

Appearing in an interview with Pearl Thusi on her show “Behind The Story“, the rapper opened up about her past, which was as sad as a movie.

Although she’s always been honest about her disturbing upbringing which she’s said left her scarred, this is the first time she’s actually spoken about it in detail.

According to her, it began when her mother was diagnosed with cancer while she was still in high school. She said,

When I was in high school, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of around-the-clock care. After my parents’ divorce, I was left to be the sole caretaker and often found myself having to attend school with no lunch or textbooks.”

She also revealed she and her siblings were scared of her dad, saying he once threatened to shoot them with his gun.

My father’s outbursts sometimes caused us to fear for our lives when he threatened to shoot us with his gun. To this day, my relationship with my father remains strained,”

The has been commended for opening up about her struggles and also for never letting them define her future.

A few days ago, theFufa mastermind announced she’d be cleaning out her closet to help less fortunate young women who can’t afford to get clothes for themselves.

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