Gemini Major and Rowlene locked in bitter relationship drama

Having released a brand new single titled “For Him,” Tall Rack Records songbird, and seem to be locked in a biter relationship drama.

It all started after disclosed during a recent interview that she and started seeing each other about two and a half years ago.

However, she said Rudebouy became too attached and possessive; barring her from seeing other people while he was at a liberty to see others.

“Well if i’m being completely honest, myself and Gemini started seeing each other two and a half years ago. He was very possessive and attached almost and I wasn’t allowed to see other people obviously but he was obviously seeing other people and I found out about it via mutual friends and he denied it obviously,” disclosed.

She went on further to slam saying he is still a little boy and that she definitely wrote the single “Boy Bye” in reference to him.

The revelation didn’t seem to go down well with Gemini Major who responded with a series of unsavory Tweets.

“Smh ?‍♂️ we go again. ??? Tf wrong with you B? If am a pet,This a whole pit bull..Not a chihuahua ? .Relax child” he Tweeted.

The Tweets only seemed to rile up Rowlene the more and she also replied with some salvo of her own asking the “Church” mastermind to grow up.

“SMH Are you ever gonna grow TF up Ben? Wow ?. “GOEST AND FUCKETH THYSELF! And hes calling me a child – when hes stuck in hes 16 year old form smh” Rowlene responded with a series of Tweets.

It is left to be seen how these two industry players settle their differences but you can already join the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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