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For A Second Time, Da L.E.S Tests Positive To COVID 19




Another wave of the virus has hit the entire planet, and most economies fear another complete shutdown as a result of this.

One of SA’s very own stars, has once again fallen into the hands of the most dreaded virus at the moment, Covid 19.

On one of his social media pages, he tweeted, “Week 2 Detox. 2nd day with Covid for the 2nd time. Be safe guys please this new strain is not a joke.”

Regardless, he is truly handing his treatment well, as he is very much active on social media, in spite of the current health challenge.

When asked by one of his fans how he detected he was down with the new strain, he replied; “First time, loss of smell and taste. This one vomiting, body aches, pain and fever.” 

It perfectly explains why he has been off the grid for quite some time, except the likes of “My Way” with Stanzo, Nadia Nakai, and Flvme.

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