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Fiso El Musica Contemplates Stopping Music




A number of things can go on behind the happy faces of musicians, and at the moment, El Musica is having his own fair share of that ordeal, as he contemplates quitting music.

The journey for him, began as a member of the Entity Musiq crew before he got his own big break when e went over a year ago.

In sie of that, he has kept his relationship cordial with the team and even accommodated a few collaborations like “Halaal Flavour #043 (100% Production Mix).”

Passing hints in his social media pages about this decision to his fans, he said; “I’m thinking of leaving MUSIC” It will definitely be a roller coaster of emotion for him at the moment, to bring him to the point of quitting.

By virtue of bringing so much energy and light to the stage, fans are hoping this is only a phase for him while he gets back on his feet.

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