Finally! Nasty C officially unveils his girlfriend…

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Love, they say is a very beautiful phenomenon and one act in particular looks to be head over heels and smitten by the love bug.

Bad Hair” mastermind, might have shattered the hearts of several female fans as he recently confirmed his girlfriend as high school flame, Sammie.

The Tall Rack Records Boss is currently at the top of his game and at only 21, he is an eligible candidate for some of the country’s finest damsels.

However, has stuck with the one closest to his heart and who has been right by his side even before the fame and fortune.

Source: Nasty C/Instagram

The Durban rapper in a recent chat with TshisaLIVE confirmed his relationship status publicly for the first time and said he had waited until this time to protect Sam or Sammie from the destructive culture of fame.

“Before I didn’t wanna do none of that because she was still in high school and in matric too. I didn’t want to do that to her, you know distract her. Plus I was still kind of blowing up and it was hard for me to adjust, so I wanted to give her time.

“She’s cool now and understands that she’s a part of it. She’s blown up too now. Since we’ve kind of went public, she even gets stopped for pics and stuff and she smiles and takes the selfies.” he revealed.

Source: Nasty C/Instagram

However, Nasty C has dedicated many of his poetic artistry to Sammie; even dedicating the song “SMA (Send Me Away)” off his “Strings and Bling Album” to her as well as the love song “Mrs Me.”

“The only time I did that (rapped about the relationship) without talking to her first was during Bad Hair days.

She was a bit upset I did that. But with Strings and Bling I spoke to her and I played all the music for her to listen to before other people and she loved them. She plays the music all the time.” he continued.

For other slay queens who might be hoping this Junior relationship will fizzle out with time, it might be best to look elsewhere since the Durban star seems serious about his beau and even already met his ‘future Mother-In-Law’.

“I met her mother back in high school. I was in a taxi with her and the next thing her mother jumped in a sat right behind us! I was frozen the whole way but that’s where I met her. She’s pretty cool.” he concluded.

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