Finally, Lady Zamar confirms love story with Sjava

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They are two of South Africa’s major entertainers. The one is a lady and the other a gent. Rumours of BET Award winner and being in relationship have zipped across South Africa for a long time. When it was finally confirmed, the dating game was actually over.

Ironic – more like a page off a piece of fiction – right? Well, this is the reality right now, as herself has confirmed they once dated but are no longer dating. They split a month ago.

made the admission when shared pictures of them together, standing close together and sharing a passionate kiss.

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Sjava feels fame has ruined his life
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Actually when they were actively dating Sjava had stoutly denied they were in a relationship, saying for the benefit of some sceptic that he wished he dated Lady Zamar. This was in July 2018, when he was already one year and one month old in a relationship with her.

This much is clear when you realize Lady Zamar recently admitted they began dating from June 2017 and split in March 2018.

No was given for the split, but it has been rumoured Sjava had nursed fervent interest in other women and could not focus solely on her.

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Beast – Hello ft. Sjava

Sjava may have admitted this much obliquely when he tweeted: “When you become matured and become a man you realize that one woman is enough

What do you think of Lady Zamar’s and Sjava’s relationship and the recent admission they are no longer an item? You may wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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