Fans Go Crazy Over AKA’s Feel Good Session

Fela in Versace” hitmaker is a delight any day, any time. Live or recorded, wherever he turns up, he gives the best of himself.

And viewers across Mzansi had the opportunity once again of seeing give his best during his Feel Good session.

During his session, the SupaMega performed his songs “Touch My Blood,” “Beyonce” and “Don’t Forget to Pray,” and so was good in his performance of them that he got social media terribly excited, with many praising his lyrical gifts.

In his performance, gave the Megacy one more reason to believe in his skills and talents as a rapper. He is a rapper worth listening to and here to stay, not a one-song or three-album wonder.

AKA, who was both praised and criticized for tattooing Manchester United logo to his arm recently, is riding high on his reconciliation with Sony Music Africa with Vth Season that saw him emerge as a partner at Vth.

Source: AKA/ Instagram

Some artistes, including Emtee, consider AKA their idol. With his excellent performance at the Feel Good session, the SupaMega has given other musos reasons to continue to idolize him.

And for AKA fans who have been immensely impressed by his Feel Good sessions, there is still a lot to look forward to, as the SupaMega Isn’t considering retirement at the moment. Rather, he is looking forward to releasing his fourth studio album. He is also among the stars scheduled to headline the BoothFest in November.

See the reaction of some fans below:

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