Enter Pastor Cassper Nyovest, the Satan Zapper

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is having a good run as a musician. From a nobody to a musician with a mansion, two Bentleys, luxury watches, and what have you. Mufasa knows the good life and he isn’t prepared for a downgrade. Not anytime soon. Not ever.

This became even more apparent recently following the conversation generated by hip-hop star ProKid’s passing last week.

The conversation centres on how artistes spend their money – which some consider reckless at times, and the fact that sometimes, by a quirk of fate, artistes who were once very rich ended broke and in need of public support.

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Muso L’vovo Derrango and DJ Sbu are other artistes who have weighed in on the conversation.

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The conversation has not abated on social media. A Twitter user with the fancy name of The Instigator (@Am_Blujay) joined the conversation using the “Doc Shebeleza” hitmaker as an example.

He tweeted: “’Why do musicians die broke?’, fam the likes of Cassper buying two Bentleys that look the same and Rolexes. What’s the point? Instead of investing, when he is broke you gonna ask us why musicians die broke.

This provoked the Ciroc ambassador who was in London at the time, and he responded in Zulu, rebuking the devil that had instigated the tweet from the user.

The user deleted the tweet immediately.

The speed with which some Twitter users delete their tweets when challenged in the open by celebrities just might provoke an epidemic of deletion. Who know?

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Only days ago, a Twitter user had tweeted that he hoped Sbahle Mpisane’s “booty was okay” after her accident. Rapper found it in bad taste and challenged the user to delete the tweet and his account, and it happened.

In any case, Mufasa, who recently dismissed claims DJ Sbu was trying to profit fro ProKid’s Death by releasing his songs on iTunes, has shown no sign of slowing down, and is certainly looking forward to his concert in December, alongside other global music stars, to honour Nelson Mandela.


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