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Enhle Applies For Protection Order From Her Estranged Husband, Black Coffee




Things are currently not going on well in the palace of the musicking, Black Coffee, who is currently on the trend tables for allegedly laying his hands on her in an act of attack.

With the stories reeling in, and several accounts being put out by the media and the public, has decided to break the silence on the issue, which has become a legal matter.

He said; “In the name of respect and dignity for my family and my children I’ve been quiet but now I feel a need to speak. GBV is major issue in our country, every day we read about horrendous crimes committed by men against women and children.”

Addressing the main issue at hand, he added; “Every day I am attacked by relentless lies and falsehoods. I DID NOT ASSAULT HER.”

Meanwhile, Enhle’s supporters are having no word of his statements, claiming that, the international music maker is hiding under the wings of his fame and stardom to carry out violent acts.

He is however hopeful that the matter would be favourable to both parties, eventually, based on his statement.

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