Emtee’s Tweet about ‘hoes’ tosses Twitter into pandemonium

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trapper, started trending like wildfire as usual after his Tweet about not wanting random “hoes” in his house.

It’s no longer news that the controversial act is always in the news for the wrong reason. The reason isn’t far-fetched though – the rapper has a penchant for always saying the wrong things.

And Monday was no different on ’s Twitter timeline, as he sets tongues wagging again with his latest spicy statements.

While we were all still trying to forget Monday blues; Emtee wouldn’t have any of it as he decided to ruffle a few feathers as usual.

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The rapper not only got followers stunned; but his negative comments also left a number of them pondering on these questions:

  • Isn’t Emtee married?
  • The rapper has two young sons
  • Why should there be “hoes” in his home in the first place?

Despite the memes and comments left on his timeline; Emtee as usual isn’t fazed by public opinions.

Few weeks ago saw fans calling Emtee out on issues about him being rude and his choice of drink was beginning to get on his nerves.

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“I’m getting irritated by these rappers bragging about not sippin lean. Nobody cares ma nigga. Sip or not. Dark or blue… I’m still trappin,” he posted on his Twitter page.

What do you think of Emtee‘s latest view or gaffe? Kindly share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



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