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Emtee’s Take On Who Is The Better Rapper Between A-Reece & Nasty C




‘s golden boy, has revealed his take on who he thinks is a better rapper between and . If you recollect, and spent close to 2 years under the same imprint before the Paradise hitmaker quit the label.

‘s response was always going to exciting considering the fact that things weren’t all jolly after left Ambitiouz. Especially because the latter appeared to have fired shots at the Ghetto Hero on an uploaded video which has since been taken down.

However, during an interview at this year’s SAMAs, Emtee was asked who he thinks is the better rapper between A-Reece and BET Awards nominee, . Didn’t they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Emtee didn’t hold back as he let out his thought without a worry in the world.

In his words:

! Any day, any day, any day. That’s my homie, we been rocking from day one, he never switched up! any day”

Pretty assertive response there from Emtee. Who do you think is the better rapper between A-Reece and Nasty C? Share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



  1. njabu vilakati

    2017-05-31 at 14:12

    nasty c iz better than his dublicate

  2. Mfoundo

    2017-06-03 at 23:11

    Let me start by Areece , He is the better one but as for Nasty-C (the coOlest kid) is the best…

  3. Mivuyo

    2017-12-13 at 11:03

    A Reece and Nasty C are the same.But I think they are both great.

  4. Dirtykid

    2017-12-25 at 13:17

    Your Comment
    A-Reece is the best

  5. Kenneth

    2018-02-03 at 00:35

    Nasty C Way Better Than A-reece ✌✌

  6. darryldre

    2018-03-21 at 16:43

    Nasty c is the goat

  7. munarini vhulenda

    2018-04-11 at 17:56

    Write your comment here…Areece is the best

  8. psycho lord

    2018-05-13 at 13:32

    They both not better than me

  9. Bryan

    2018-05-17 at 21:45

    A-Reece Is The Best

  10. katlego mafemo aka Akm Succs frm polokwane

    2018-06-16 at 08:37

    A Reece is best for me

  11. Lilly C

    2019-04-18 at 20:56

    I love Nasty C but Areece is the best

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