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EMTEE Speaks on Haters




Hate is one thing the world will always contend with. However hard the attempt, the world can never be rid of hate – except perhaps in the millennial reign of Christ. Or what you believe in.

Poverty attracts hate and discourtesy from much of the world. Wealthy and fame give no immunity from hate, though.

Celebrities the world over can attest to this. One can give over a thousand instances of celebrities being hated for just being rich and famous.

But the focus right now is on South Africa’s rapper . The muso have never had it too good with followers on social media, especially after his fall onstage recently during a .

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has not only said he is sober and free from all narcotics, he has gone on to prove that by giving an exhilarating performance only days ago at the #DankieSanoncert I honour or ProKid.

But it seems Twitter is unimpressed and the voice of hate is yet to be quiet. The “Manando” crooner has an explanation for the voice of hate: those who hate him don’t know him.

He made this clear in a tweet recently. He tweeted: “People who don’t like me don’t know me. On God.

While some fan stood beside the star who once confessed to have collected awards and done interviews and written songs while under the influence of cannabis, others made fun of his love for Lean, his past treat ment of fans, and so much more.

A twitter user going by the handle @Tashy_Duna tweeted: “Next thing you’ll be swearing at everyone.”

Another, going by the handle @Phivacom_Doobe, tweeted: “Kids are dying out there because of Lean.

EMTEE have still got thepr star’s back, though, for as one of them, who goes by the handle @That7Guy24_7, tweeted, “U are unpredictable. It’s either you are doing 1 excellent album or doing the most foolish act. That’s you. We choose to like you by #any means.

Well, love or hate him, EMTEE is an athlete for the good life, and hate only seems to impire him to achieve more and earn more. The joke is on his haters then.

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