Emtee Speaks on Cassper Nyovest Beef

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There is the beef we eat, and there is the beef that is the disagreement and sometimes open hostility among people.

Beef among artistes is as old as the music industry itself. It is not an issue peculiar to any particular country or continent. And as long as we are all different, and with different views and expectations, there will never be an end to beefing.

Mzansi has had its fair share of beef among its celebrities. Some celebrities have been able to resolve their difference; others have not. And yet others just don’t care.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Cassper & Bonang banter on Twitter
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AKA and Shane Eagle, for instance, are known to have a beef, with Shane Eagle releasing a diss track titled “Gustavo” and targeted at AKA.

AKA himself has a well known beef with , who, by the way, has a beef with star and “Thank You” crooner . The beef isn’t new. And, when fell on stage while performing, was amonthose who scoffed.

 In a recent chat with Drive with Masechaba and Moflava, EMTEE was asked what happened between him and , and he responded: “I feel like je has a lot to say when it comes to me and the things I go through as if he knows me like that.

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Cassper Says Nasty C Deserves And Should Be Getting Accolades
Source: Cassper Nyovest/ Instagram

Put simply, EMTEE was saying that Cassper Nyovest was always “chucking mouth” in his affairs, and mostly spwing ignorant garbage about him. And he, EMTEE, doesn’t like it.

There, you got it.


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