Emtee Confident of his Legacy, but not as Rich as You Think

Confident of his Legacy, but not as Rich as You Think. Source: / Instagram

Abantu” crooner , who said last year that he charges R45k for a feature for a “real nigga,” has just made it clear that he is not as rich as many thought.

He also spoke about some people who thought he was very wealthy deserted him when they found he was not so wealthy after all.

That notwithstanding, he is a little puzzled how people would want to tell you how to live your life. And then go on to call you crazy and write something humiliating about you.

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Niggas wanna TELL you that you are/not famous then TELL you how to be famous, where u must/mustn’t go hangout otherwise you’re not famous enough/broke and THEN they call you crazy coz some journalist had to go n write something funny/humiliating or else they fired,’s tweet reads.

Emtee, who might collaborate with Reason this year, and who recently said he once sold drugs because he was broke but never used them, is keen to leave a legacy and, already, he has got something on the ground that might leav e even after him.

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The haters may continue all they like, but if he should die today, Emtee has no iota of doubt the supposed haters would be out there quoting his lyrics in memory of him. Shows just how confident Emtee is on how far he has come already.

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