Emtee Confident Haters Will Quote his Lyrics When He’s dead

Confident Haters Will Quote his Lyrics When He’s dead. Source: / Instagram

Rapper may still be young – in his 20s – but already he has had to face many fiery darts of hate from some peeps who have had glimpses of his life as shared on social media by himself.

But the “Abantu” crooner, who recently made it clear that he once peddled drugs but never used them, is supremely confident in his own powers as an artistes and readily said those hating on him would be the ones quoting his lyrics when he is dead.

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Responsible Changes in Emtee’s Music and Life?

They are going to quote my lines when I’m dead. For now they still playing with me, hoping I will give up, said.

Haters may continue all they like, but Emtee, who said last year that he needed a celebrity friend, doesn’t much there. He is marching on as a musician and that’s what counts for him.

Source: Emtee/ Instagram

While tweeting recently that he would never touch a woman, he wondered why some peeps would – really “waste” – data just on hating on someone.

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Emtee - Winning Ft Nasty C

By the way, Emtee is one of the rappers Reason has picked as potential collaborators for the New Year. Work as begun for the muso already, and haters may hell and hate all they wish. For all Emtee cares, he is making progress, having recollected his lessons of 2018.


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