Emtee Calls AKA His Idol; AKA Responds…



When had a bad fall while performing sometime back, some laughed at him, but , the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker, encouraged him to get up an shine like the king he is. That is how much believes in ’s gift as a rapper.

And, talking about gifts, , whose birth name is Mthembeni Ndevu, surely has plenty of them and has won several awards to show for his gifts and talents.

Source: EMTEE/ Instagram

Emtee, who recently released his album “DIY II” has long developed a close bond with the SupaMega and readily calls him his idol. In fact, both are known to speak positively of each other all the time.

Emtee made a post on Instagram recent of him and at a recent “Touch My Blood” event and added the caption: “They mad coz they can’t get this close their idols.”

AKA responded, calling Emtee a king. “You a fuckin’ king,” he wrote back.

Does this amount to one artiste rubbing the back of another? Is this banal flattery from one rapper to another? Given Emtee’s output as a singer so far, a multiple award winner too, it is safe say AKA is in accord with himself.

And, given AKA’s reputation, it is unlikely he would give Emtee this credit just for the hell of it. What do you think? You may as well join the conversation in the comment section