Emtee Blazes Hot; “don’t think you can address me like I’m your friend”

Instagram stood still recently when SA Hip Hop star, blazed hot at an Instagram commenter for addressing him ‘as his friend’ while commenting on his height.

Popular Mzansi rapper, is one of those celebrities who would never look away when you come for him, whether good naturedly or otherwise.

The hitmaker is obviously not one to turn the other cheek and let peace reign. Best believe he’ll give it back as hot as it got dished to him, even hotter than he got.

The rapper had innocently shared a photo to his Instagram for his fans to enjoy when a certain commenter tried to ruin his day by calling him short.

The follower had written “WTF. You are too short,” which sent off warning bells in his head so he charged at him like a bull to a red flag.

In a few simple sentences, he corrected the follower’s opinion of him being short, pointing out that he had baggy shorts on which made him appear shorter than he actually is in reality. You get the logic. He also asked for a less cordial address when he ever tried to speak to him. He wrote,

I’m not short. I’m just wearing baggy clothes, and don’t think you can address me like I’m your friend,” 

Whoever’s going to come for him, best behave because his area is a no jab zone. He’s one rapper who’s never ‘short’ of words when it comes to giving clap backs. Haters be warned, the “Prayer” hitmaker will always go for the jugular just so it hurts more.

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