Emtee & Amanda Black Ask Ambitiouz Entertainment For Their Awards

The drama between rapper, and his former label, Ambitious Entertainment seems unending. Although we keep hearing little bits of the story of their parting, we can tell, it was probably for the best.

Surprisingly, the “Ghetto Hero” is not done with the label. No, he doesn’t want a new contract, he simply wants what’s his. His awards.

We’ve seen the rapper go through so much in a while. He probably has a lot of regrets concerning things he didn’t do right but he’s definitely not regretting leaving the label.

In a tweet shared a few days ago, the hit maker hinted at the label still holding on to his awards.

He wrote,


Wow, the man isn’t playing. While every one else was stunned by the tweet, someone seemed to join the queue he had created. SA singer, tweeted in response concurring to his request. She wrote,

Yhooo nam and my plaque please.

We’re wondering why the label still has the awards seeing as he has left. Hopefully, they’ll give it up and move on to other ventures.

While many agreed with the artists, a few others suggested they should leave the awards behind and get new ones. In their opinions, they’ve got the talent to do that.

In an interview last month, the rapper revealed plans to start his own record label, Records. That might seem like a great idea but his fans don’t think it is. Although it’s nice to see him finally in charge of his life.

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