Zodwa Wabantu: Her Struggles, Her Vagina Tightening and Much More

She has never cared to accept the roles society thrust at her. She is only interested in the roles she created herself, living life on her own term, stubborn, unapologetic, totally indifferent to societal opinions about her life and her choices.

’s rebellion did not start today. It had followed her from her teenage years right into adulthood. And there’s no sign she’s about to drop her rebellious garbs and throw her hand in surrender at the altar of societal expectations.

She had fled home – or what used to be home – when she was just a teen and has not looked back. And although fairly young then, she already knew what she wanted and where she was going.

Back then, having fled home, the street became her centre of leaving – or college, if you please. By keeping her ears and eyes open, she was able to pick bits and pieces of Information that he could not have received from the university.

Her mother is said to have died when was very young, and her father she never. She’s sometimes plagued by the feeling she might have slept with him. The feeling intrudes now and then.

For one who got pregnant and gave birth to a son out of wedlock, the feeling is understandable. However those who think they can shame her because of that “accident” may have to think twice, as the star dancer has made it clear on several occasions she’s “shameless” – as in living her reality unconcerned about people’s and society’s opinions of her.

The mantra is, let them talk, for people will always talk anyway. There has been a lot of talk about her up to this point, of course: her flimsy clothing and her public repudiation of undies. And, like before, she just cannot be bothered about public opinion. She has been making her choices consciously and just refuses to be shamed for them.

In fact, in a move that surprised many just recently, she had thrown herself on her knees before her song and explained to him the nature of her job and the importance of education, warning him that life isn’t easy and that he shouldn’t be carried over by the glitter he sees around him.

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She drops the admonition even as she ensure that she owns all she has and her son has a good head start in life.

In all of this, though, she isn’t neglecting the job, not neglecting her body. In fact, the dancer, who recently proposed to boyfriend Ntobeko Linda wih a R61k ring, seemed to have found a new focus in beauty regimen a bid to regain her vanishing youth.

She has already done a boob job – or breast lift, if you like – and caused a stir with her perky new boobs and flimsy outfit at the Durban July this month. She brought her doctor with her to the event, who explained a novel technique he used to lift her boobs without surgery.

Zodwa Wabantu isn’t done just yet, as she has also undergone vaginal tightening/vaginal rejuvenation at the Herwood Medical Centre. Sharing a video of herself at Herwood Medical Centre, she had stated that after childbirth, women usually get loose down there.

She’s probably the first dancer from South Africa who’s gone public about her vagina job. And that’s not something strange with her, as she’s keen on keeping fans updated about her beauty moves. She assures, however, that will never do plastic surgery on her face.

Those who do not understand Zodwa Wabantu may have to accept her for who she is, for sententious sermonizing on her choices apparently leads nowhere.

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