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The Evolution of Amapiano Music and the Artistes in its Vanguard




Imagine sitting at the balcony in a skyscraper, staring far afield and all of a sudden a pretty little cat materializes into view, meowing pleasantly. A surprise, nice?

One may well draw an analogy between the cat in the previous paragraph and the  genre (or sound) of music that is fast gaining resonance in South Africa. The genre may have been thought of as a joke, absolutely nothing at the outset, but not any longer.

The genre is slowing registering itself in the public’s consciousness, and notable names in South Africa’s music scene are dipping their hands in the music feast. We will get to this in a bit.

As its name implies, is a genre – or sound, if you please – that mixes gqom (an important sound in South African music right now) with fancy piano sounds. The sound was thought to have originated in Pretoria. Right now, however, it is a sound gaining traction in almost every city in South Africa.

Expectedly, volumes of Amapiano music, featuring various artistes, appear from time to time on the music scene. There is Amapiano Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4. Other volumes are expected in the future.

Individual artistes are also doing their best to push the genre to the fore. Among the artistes in the emerging Amapiano vanguard is the incredibly versatile . In fact, the “Msholozi (Remake)” mastermind is considered a king of Amapiano sound.

Another artistes in the Amapiano vanguard include Loxion Deep, (with songs such as “Maraga A Deejay (Amapiano),” featuring TNS, and “Cross Borders Slow Jam (Amapiano Mix)“).

SPHEctacula and DJ Naves have also caught the Amapiano bug, as evident from their collaboration titled “Bhampa (DJ Questo Amapiano Remix).”

Producer De Mogul would not be excused from the Amapiano sound either. He has dropped some Amapiano sounds already. By the way, so has (“Chapter 31 2019 Amapiano“) and DJ Malebza (“Amapiano is a Lifestyle Vol 01“)

Source: DJ Ice Flake/Facebook

Given its burgeoning popularity among a section of the population and the determination of some artistes to ensure it gains global resonance, Amapiano music might one day become a global export.

Already it is apparent the genre has come to the attention of some international stars, including the German–American disc jockey Lars Behrenroth. While many South African artistes routinely celebrate the genre, Lars Behrenroth is somewhat contemptuous of it.

In a statement which scandalized many including “Banomoya” hitmaker , Lars Behrenroth had described the genre as a “snoozefest.”

The reactions had been near instantaneous. ’s response apparently carried the most fire.

If you don’t like it shut up and move on, don’t say anything negative to try and slow down the growth of a proudly South African genre,” Price Kaybee had countered back then. Lars Behrenroth had remained silent since.

Source: / Instagram

Fact is, loved by the majority or not, Amapaino Music is becoming the rave of the moment. Watch out for the Amapiano revolution.

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