South African Celebs and the 2019 Election: To Each His Own



Elections are no jokes. Not in America, not in Europe, not in South Africa… really not in any part of the world. The politicians recognize this and strive as best they can to get to power. With power a lot can be done, for good or ill, and the people will have the face the consequences of having elected a particular candidate or political party, again for good or ill.

Down here in South celebrities recognize this – some of them anyway – and as the campaign for the general elections hots up, as the elections take place, some of these celebrities have made remarkable interventions in the polity.

By the way, the power of celebrities to influence the populace and make them take particular decisions is not in doubt. So it is understandable why some of them would want to make political interventions or just join outright the campaign of a political party, whether or not they are paid to do so.

So far, we have had to contend with the proliferation of theme songs for the campaigns as the parties scheme their way to the top, with some major artistes appending their names to some of these song by the political parties.

The likes of Mark Khoza, ThackzinDJ, Dj Paper707, DJ Bat, Renaldo, DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota and Leehleza have no problems appending their names in theme songs for the ruling ANC.

Before the theme songs came out, had encouraged peeps to vote the ANC, but clarified he was not paid to do so.

He also made it to the ANC rally, where he enjoyed himself to the hilt with the likes of “As’phelelanga” hitmaker , who shared a photo of them together with the caption “History in the making!

The post was greeted with approbation and disapprobation in equal measure. One particular fan thought was using his eminence to influence voting in favour of the ruling party. But the muso had countered that everyone has a right to express themselves.

Specifically, he said: “I think we live in a country where people are allowed to be free and express themselves and this is what you are doing, but for some reason you are not allowing me to exercise my rights!? Go back to the drawing board.”

, who has probably gotten back with DJ Zinhle, and were not the only celebs in the vanguard of the ANC campaign. Kwaito star , Jackson Mthembu and Rami Chuene were also in the vanguard of the campaign for the ANC.

The celebs have not all been shouting for and cheering the ruling ANC, though. Others took 365 spins, supporting the EFF of Julius, the DA, the IFP and any other party they happen to fancy.

The likes of Gabisile Tshabalala, Ringo Madlingozi, Tshedi Mholo and were unanimous in their support for the EFF and even attended the party’s rally at Orlando Stadium. By the way, Nigerian rapper Davido also supported the EFF.

Source / Instagram

While some musos seem to have taken sides in the race to the election, there were those who were apparently neutral, opting, instead, to just call on the South African people to come out and exercise their voting rights. One of such is Mo Faya boss and hustler par excellence . He apparently took it upon himself to go from street to street, asking the citizens to vote.

Indeed South Africa did vote on May 8 – to each his crowd and to each his party. Now that’s one of the beauties of democracy. The final decision made by the people is one they would have to live with, of course.

In all of this we hope the Rainbow Nation retains its rainbow.