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Was Seyi Shay speaking the truth about Wizkid, Drake and ‘One Dance’?




What said may contain elements of truth, but the entire entertainment industry is built upon selling altered stories to fit a narrative.

As the happiness clears from seeing another episode of the internet show: Laughing , a new question arises. What if she was right?

has been Nigeria’s replacement for Patience Jonathan, with four strikes in the comedy department already this year. First she mispronounced the T-W-O, then she called EP (Extended Play) Electric Package, before saying the full meaning of the colloquialism ‘Phoney’ means phoney, instead of phonetics. Now she is back with a new cracker, stating that is the true owner of ’s hit single ‘One Dance’.

“The same debate is going on in Africa right now, that he sampled the Afrobeats, It was actually ’s song so it was not ’s song, I don’t know if I can I talk about this but it’s actually ’s song, wrote it, Legendary Beats and some other Nigerian producers produced it as an Afrobeat song and they stripped a lot of the music away…” Seyi explained at an interview during her stay in Jamaica.

All the other episodes of Seyi Shay have one thing in common – they were all failings on her part, which reveal her lack of intelligence at that point in time. But this new case was different. This was no spectacular loss of memory, or a noncommittal revelation of IQ lapses, this was also no display of ignorance. This case was special because it came with new information.

Again, what if Seyi Shay was right?

Let’s look at how close Seyi Shay and are. The duo have no love lost for each other after coming through the music industry, and giving each other helping hands. Seyi Shay appears on ’s sophomore album, “Ayo (Joy)”, on the track ‘In love’. On Seyi’s debut album, also returns the favour, showing up on the hit single ‘Crazy’. This working relationship by both parties might have transcended the studio, with parties from ends exchanging information. The information about the ‘One Dance’ creative process might have slipped through the camps and gotten to her.

Also, look at the creative credits for the song. There’s just a lot of questions in there. Nineteen85, Noah 40 Shebib, and Wizkid. Then on the African end, we have both Nigerian prolific pop producer, Sarz, and South African strong man, DJ Maphorisa of Uhuru also laying claim to it. First, we know that Wizkid cannot produce a song to save his life, why is he in there getting credits? Then why the various versions of Sarz and Maphorisa both claiming credits?

The words of Seyi Shay keeps ringing: …Wizkid wrote it, Legendary Beats and some other Nigerian producers produced it as an Afrobeat song..”

We know work was done on the song by two African producers. Perhaps if she had name-dropped Sarz instead of Legendury Beatz, would we have given her more benefit of doubt? A good conspiracy theory will be that the ‘Afrobeat’ song Seyi Shay talks about might be in existence as a Wizkid unreleased project. That project might have had Sarz (who he trusts), Maphorisa (who has featured him on ‘Soweto baby’ and produced for him), and Legendury Beatz (his in-house geniuses) working on the song. Wizkid might have taken the song to , claimed production, and had parts of it thrown in for a world-class song. Sarz and Maphorisa fail to get the direct credits, but recognize their works, thereby putting their names in the mix as a sort of personal pride. This makes perfect sense.

But no, let’s all shame Seyi Shay, and ignore the potential scoop of the century that she has unearthed.

What Seyi Shay said may contain elements of truth, but the entire entertainment industry is built upon selling altered stories to fit a narrative. Things happen in secret, but a doctored version is what is reported to maintain a consistent, happy, and not too incriminating façade. The story that gets to the press is not what actually happened. People with the real story are called ‘Confidants’, and cannot share these tales. It is a taboo for anyone to share these inside stories. That’s why Tee Billz is nobody’s friend right now. He broke the code. This Seyi Shay’s version might just be one of those times where the veil between the world and the underbelly of the industry has fallen, however, she too has broken the code, and needed to be put back in line with the party narratives.

“Don’t say what you know nothing about! #Shutup”, the man tweeted, throwing Seyi Shay under the bus, and saving his skin.

And we all are happy to amplify that ‘Shut up’, because sadly, it fits the narrative that has been handed down to us.

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