On DJ Fresh’s Exit From Metro FM and Matters Arising

Notable disc jockey is in the news again. This time it isn’t for some interesting bop or even mixtape from his end (he last released an EP, “Not for Radio EP” in December last year), but for his recent firing from the staff of Metro FM. He’d been on the staff of the station for many years, regaling the Rainbow Nation with his skills as radio host and disc jockey.

was reportedly fired for his use of the word “msunery,” in response to an enquiring listener, while on air.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) reportedly received a complaint regarding his use of the word and swung into action. It found him guilty of using foul language and he was axed from his job.

The reactions to his exist was instant. While some condemned his sacking, others simply wished him the best going forward. And yet others asked – and are still asking – he should be reinstated.

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His lawyers had also reportedly written to the asking that he be reinstated. Now, though, his exit is reportedly being finalized.

For Euphonik, DJ Fresh’s DJ friend, those trying to break DJ Fresh do not realize they’re only making him stronger.

But the man in the middle of the whole controversy, DJ Fresh, is clearly not bothered by his axing. He would say that he had actually never been better. While he apologized for his use of the word and promised to exercise caution and control next time, he announced he would be starting a new show on August 1.

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Leaving the station is like being unburdened of a pesky monkey, citing an instance when he would have left the station but opted  to stay put for the love of his fans and for the lovers of his breakfast show. Anyway, as he had said himself, he is leaving for a new show come August 1.

The imminent show will be on Primedia’s 947. DJ Fresh takes the afternoon slot, hosting from 3pm to 7pm. While announcing the new show, he stated that he just cannot wait for it, promising to keep fans updated on new development.

For one who has been in radio for over three decades and stamped his name permanently as one of the best radio hosts ever, a host most up-and-coming hosts look up to, DJ Fresh surely knows what’s best for him.

His exit from Metro FM is what it is: a path in the exurb of his experiences. Leaving Metro FM should not be taken as a synonym for going down. He has distinguished himself as a radio personality, with stints at YFM and 5FM, and one whose name history just cannot forget, and his light is going to follow him wherever he goes.

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Critical to his exit is the fact that he admitted he was wrong and had apologized accordingly. Equally critical is the fact that his fans are actually behind him and will be looking forward to his new show.

We may even add that his exit might translate to the exit of some viewers from the network as well,  as they would literally follow their radio hero to his new camp. Thing are only just shaping up.

Interesting, indeed would be the events leading up to August 1. Would there be a volte-face on the part of Metro FM and recalling of DJ Fresh at the last minute?

Based on his statement following his exit, it appears he is only too glad to go. In that case, fans can only support him in his next move.

Below, you can assess some document regarding DJ Fresh’s exit.

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