Nasty C’s Double Platinum Milestone & “Zulu Man With Some Power” Album

Call him a light in South African and indeed African music and wouldn’t be wrong. Call him a booming voice in South African music, and again you wouldn’t be wrong. The positive epithets that may qualify Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, better known as , are numerous indeed.

And the youngster himself, displaying a comic side of him and desirous of helping the public with finer epithets, has offered himself as Africa’s coolest kid. This didn’t happen today, of course, and no one is out disputing his being Africa’s coolest kid.

On the contrary, he has revealed in his life and even in his accomplishments that he deserves the epithet and even something grander. They might come, ultimately, as is not some complacent bod but has been working assiduously, aspiring to greater heights.

For one, the “Alabama” mastermind, who had worked with Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur on “Walk,” has his eyes on an even far greater goal: that of becoming a legend in this life. And he has begun several social initiatives that might stamp his name forever in the consciousness of his people. And you know, that’s how legends are made.

One of these initiatives has been to inspire the kids in his native Durban to see themselves in him. Mirroring him as just another kid on the block, they might aspire above their circumstances and ultimately end up somewhere in the stars – like him.

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While Nasty C works hard to change the world around him, he has also not been ignoring the money. The “SMA (Vol. 1)” mastermind, who recently gave his ideal monthly income as 2 million (but without specifying the currency), is also working hard to join the billionaire’s club and dominate the world.

While Nasty C plots progress on the one hand, his Strings and Bling,” which he released to national and international accolades in 2018, has been making progress on the other, on the charts..

The was recently confirmed double platinum, affirming, once again, South Africa’s belief in what one of its sons has created. Universal Music Group, which had sought his signature on the record label for years before it eventually got it in 2018, gave the stats of the as follows:

Universal Music Group also released the documentary of the “Strings and Bling” journey so far:

Nasty C confesses a fondness for Japan. He had the opportunity, just recently, of a visit, and explored the Asian to his heart’s content, imbibing the country’s culture, people, music. He would confess in the “Strings and Bling” documentary that being in Japan made him “feel normal,” as he didn’t feel like he had to hide.

The premiere of the documentary had Scoop Makhathini as host. But fans may have to wait for is the music video of “Strings and Bling.” That would come later, with feature appearances from host Scoop Makhathin, Slikour and Pearl Thusi.

Nasty C readily affirms that Japan afforded him a major experience in his musical journey. This experience might reflect is his next studio album billed for release soon. The album is titled “Zulu man With Some Power.”

“Zulu Man With Some Power” might turn a revolutionary one for Nasty C as a career musician, as he actually “performed” the songs in the album such that it is hard not to become emotional listening to the songs and even crying.

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It’s been said 4 of 5 persons who had the chance to listen to a number from the album broke down in tears. Expectations are high, and even some peeps have become impatient on social media, demanding the album be released at once.

With “Zulu Man With Some Power” due for release soon, the world may well enter into a lachrymal season. When it starts, you are of course welcome to join the crying session.

We celebrate one of our own: Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo: Nasty C.

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