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Falz deserves his BET Viewer’s Choice Best International Act Award




He is redefining showmanship in Nigeria Entertainment, and BET Awards have recognized.

Falz won an award on Sunday at the BET Awards. Yes, Nigeria’s buzzing rapper and was rewarded by an international body and their viewers for his work in African pop culture.

Earlier this year, he had been by a movie body, for his work, and that work had nothing to do with music or specifically, rap music.

Falz The Bahd Guy, the rapper extraordinaire won the 2016 AMVCA best actor in a comedy for his role as Segun in Funke Akindele’s TV series “Jenifa.” Falz beat other established actors,  IK Ogbonna, Kelechi Udegbe, Ime Bishop Umoh, Bowoto Jephthah to win the award for his role as a hairdresser Segun, who works in the same salon with Jenifa.

For the BET, Falz deserves it!

Falz arguably is the first Nigerian rapper to win a personal movie award, a fitting crown to his efforts at comedy. The rapper defines the boundaries of showmanship, articulating his music and comedy into one seamless performance, and excelling in both industries.

Falz actively began his journey to his current spot in 2014, when he latched on to the rising popularity of picture sharing platform, Instagram to connect with fans. Utilising the app’s 15-second video feature, the rapper began a series of comedy videos, using his ability to speak a heavily accented and often comical pidgin language. This became a hit when these comic monologues were used to promote the single ‘Ello bae’. Google ‘Falz Ello Bae’, and enough comedy to last a lifetime will be your reward.

That comedy brand and the growing popularity of the rapper off the mic gained the attention of the brands. Online automobile sales platform, Cheki, signed him up to a lucrative endorsement deal, and Peak Milk used his powers for a commercial campaign which became a viral hit. The singer has since starred in a plethora of shows, gaining the needed the needed attention, as preparation for his journey into movies.

Meanwhile his music flourished, as loyal fans stuck with him. His sophomore studio album “Stories That Touch”, hit a new high, with more attention paid to it. He also struck a fine balance, infusing comic gimmickry into his wordplay and delivery to create a relatable rap style. That worked like a charm.

“Jenifa” was Falz’s second try at the movies and with excellence he took on the role with panache and skill to rival the best in the game.

Succeeding in both Movies and Music in this harsh environment is new to Nigeria. Many times, actors and singers have attempted to marry both industries, but ultimately have come up short. One suffers and gets kicked to the curb, leading many to turn their noses up at chances. But Falz’s success will resonate deeply, redefining the concept of art, and inspiring many to dig deep into their performing arsenal and find new ways to explore all aspects of their craft.

Perhaps it is too soon to celebrate a success. Perhaps it’s too close to call him a master actor and singer. Maybe in the future, dabbling in both worlds to create art that traverses music and movies might take its toll on Falz. But at the moment, negativity is currently difficult to envisage with Falz the Bahd Guy.

He is redefining showmanship in Nigeria Entertainment, and BET Awards have recognized.

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