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Each day pulls the Okoye twins “P-square” far away from each other




With each new day the chasm grows, and Psquare are farther away from each other.

It’s upon us, whether we choose to believe or not. The Okoye brothers are not together again. The rift that had split Peter and Paul had done it so perfectly that the healing process lacks a balm to soothe their minds, and calm their fears.

When Peter Okoye went on the offensive this year against big brother Jude Okoye and his ‘outdated ways of handling business’, few feared that the beef will result in a total breakdown of Africa’s biggest pop group. But as the drama dragged on, and all parties became embroiled in a social media warfare, it slowly seeped into our minds that things would never remain the same. Songs were released, accusations and counteraccusations flew from all parties, and tears were cried.

When all seemed like it was all falling down, peace through. The Okoye twins found a way to co-exist in business as an entity. Peter and Paul no longer have Jude as their sole manager. Only Paul still works with the Northside Inc CEO. Peter on his part, employed someone to handle his business, and brought out a personal booking rate. This was his plan all along, to take control over his business, become more mobile, and get a greater percentage of his earnings.

This has been beneficial to him in many ways. Numerous show promoters have flocked to him, throwing their money to get him to attend and perform at their events. The brands too have come through for Peter too. He is now the ambassador to Kia Motors, and has a couple in the works. He also has his P-Classic Records, where his erstwhile drummer and producer, Papii J, has been signed.

For Paul, he never wanted this. Business was great for all three brothers, and ruing the would have its consequences. All he needed was to sign up his personal acts to his record label – Records – and set up a personal side hustle. He was all for family unity, and stuck with Jude during the storm from Peter. After peace was found, he has carried out his dream, signing singers and Lucy. Both artistes currently have their personal projects up and running.

But in all of this, ‘Psquare’ as a unit have suffered. The scars from the battle have been proved too glaring, and they have limited their association. No Psquare project has been released this year. There have been no videos, no new single, or anything. Psquare right now feels like a brand that only exist in theory. In other years, if the group had a beef, they had a manager who called them together and pushed to grow their business, and keep the brand alive. Right now, they lack that person, with individual managers mainly concerned with their clients’ personal projects, with no though spared for the group work. The most alarming part of it all is that neither party seems perturbed about the situation. If anything, they appear to be enjoying their time away from each other.

With each new day the chasm grows, and Psquare are farther away from each other.

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