Black Coffee: An Icon Selling Out…



Selling out shows is one musical milestone every musician looks forward to and may silently pray for. Sometimes loudly. For one, selling out shows may add to an artiste’s prestige and even open more artistic and financial doors to him.

And when the venue sold out is somewhere prestigious, the glory of selling out a show might be greater and give more prestige not just to the artiste and his craft, but to the artiste’ country of origin, as well as its music industry.

Celebrated South Africa disc jockey is aware of this only too well. A dedicated musician, he has always strived for excellence in all he does. So his wins come not as surprises to dedicated fans at home and abroad.

Speaking about wins, has clinched yet another… takes a gingerly walk through the history books as he sells out his New York show 45 days to the event. This milestone is reverberating across South Africa’s music space right now.

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Fans are jubilant, as is himself. On social media, congratulatory messages have been pouring in from around the world for the “Wish You Were Here” crooner, hailing him, one of South Africa’s iconic musicians.

The win actually thrusts black Coffee in excitement mode, as he heartily acknowledges:

Wow! New York, I can’t believe tickets for my debut at @brooklynmirage are officially sold out…45 days ahead of the show! Thank you so much for your support, I’m looking forward to a special night with you.

The support such as the fans have given him by picking all the tickets for his show Black Coffee is bound to return as he takes the stage 45 days from now. Expectations are high already as anything Black Coffee has the potential to be a hit.

For one who struggled mightily in the beginning, poor and seeking musical and artistic relevance, Black Coffee has come a long way. He is taking winning strides yet, and it is wonderful to see.

But then Black Coffee’s latest win – selling out his show (The Brooklyn Mirage Opening Event) billed for 9 May 2019 – wouldn’t be his first. He had earlier sold out the O2 Arena Brixton, one of the United Kingdom’s major music venues.

Black Coffee, who began 2019 with two international gigs, wins with ease like one called to win in every event. He would be one of the very first artistes in South Africa – and indeed Africa – to sell out foreign venues back to back. Again, this should surprise no one.

The reason is simple: Black Coffee’s talents and consistency have given him a winning streak which many can only dream of. Already he holds the record as the first and only South African disc jockey to date to have won the International DJ Awards for three years in a row.

Well, Black Coffee didn’t wish his way into the top. He didn’t wish himself into the icon he is today. He worked his way there. Serious work. He had to quit school at some point to take care of himself and family. But then his vision and dedication have since paid off.

Source: Black Coffee/ Instagram

Today he is one of the most outstanding musicians in South Africa, in high demand everywhere. And he is to be found in the company of who’s who in world music, from Jay Z to Drake. One remembers only too well Jay Z having asked him for a verse at some point. Also, he had chilled out with Jay Z and Beyonce just after the Global Citizen Festival in Soweto.

We feel this is only the beginning. Here’s to more winning years ahead, Black Coffee.