Assessing A-Reece and Nasty C’s Beef



Rivalry is s nothing new in the world, let alone something new in a particular industry in the world. Rivalries manifest all around us and even within us – desire versus reality. And what say you.

The music industry in South Africa has had its fair share of rivalries. Some of these rivalries, though, get to receive more publicity than the others, thanks in part to the social power and influence of the rivals.

Over the past few years, South Africa’s music industry has contended with several rivalries: Babes Wodumo versus Tipcee; Mampintsha versus DJ Tira; AKA versus Cassper Nyovest; and, well, versus .

Mampintsha and DJ Tira’s rivalry has since been resolved. The two have made peace and Mampinsha even recently featured DJ Tira (alongside CampMasters) on the track “Khona Iyngane Lay’Ndlini.”

Babes Wodumo and Tipcee are equally back in amity. In fact, following Babes Wodumo’s assault in the hands of Mampintsha, Tipcee has become her chief supporter, checking on her all the time. Moved, Babes Wodumo had penned a fine tribute to her.

While the pylon of peace and amity stands tall between DJ Tira and Mapintsha on the one hand and Tipcee and Babes Wodumo on the other right now, there are other relationships where are no peace pylons whatsoever. The relationship between AKA and Cassper Nyovest and that between and are splendid examples. The beef continues.

However, we are here focusing on that between and . Nasty C has just given A-Reece the middle finger, saying out loud that he would not work with him or even mention his name because he is not worth it.

This vehement outburst was made in response to a fan’s enquiry. The fan had wanted to know when Nasty C would collaborate with The Wrecking Crew member. Specifically, nasty C had said: “I am not gonna(going) mention that boy’s(A-Reece) name. He is not worth it. F*ck him. I don’t want to work with him.”  

The statement finally confirms that contrary to initial denials and flourishes of amity on social media, there’s actually no love lost between the duo. It might be that Nasty C had become finally exasperated and could no longer rein his emotions in.

Records show he had invited A-Reece to his Ivyson, adding with a note of faith that they could make history together the right way. A-Reece had confirmed that he would make it to the Ivyson Tour, writing on Instagram: Ready for the #IvysonTour with @nasty_csa.

But he never made it to the tour and he never explained why. That did hurt, although nasty C may have shrugged it off back then. That much is clear in his latest outburst. He has just burped his pent-up emotions in one acrimonious phlegm. We know phlegm is not countable but then we love taking linguistic liberties. Bear with us.

As it is right now, it is pointless denying there was no beef between the duo at the outset. Nasty C has only just confirmed what South Africa has suspected all along. What A-Reece says regarding Nasty C’s comment should determine a lot of things, including the chances of amity in the future.

Source: A-Reece/ Instagram

What does the current beef/ rivalry between nasty C and A-Reece hold for South African music?

Like we observed at the outset, rivalry is ineluctable – not something that anyone can totally quash in the world. In fact if there are no rivalries in the world whatsoever, the world will be a totally boring space, starved of real growth.

So we are here saying if the rivalry between Nasty C and A-Reece will boost their careers and make them global music giants as well as take South African music to a place in the sun, we welcome it.