AKA Talks Cassper Nyovest, DJ Zinhle and Bonang in Sit-Down with Pearl Thusi

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It was to have been a hot seat but as it turned out ’s interview with television personality was more of a roll in the hay, without the critical drubbing peeps were expecting the Supa Mega to unleash on rival and ex Bonang.

With such dashed expectations it was inevitable some peeps would groan out loud on social media and describe the interview as boring. But is clearly in accord with himself, not letting the public into anything unnecessarily controversial or scandalous.

But the public, primed for something steamy, wasn’t impressed, for not having lashed out, even if subtly, as he was wont to. But AKA is apparently now a changed man, weighing his words, playing with them between his teeth and serving them cold.

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The scene was on the set of BET’s Behind The Story (BTS) and AKA was facing , bantering on matters regarding his life and music. In the past AKA might have taken a jab at his rival – which was what many were expecting, but when this wasn’t coming, many began yawning in boredom.

While many found AKA’s outing on the set with particularly boring, others thought he was truly impressive, a changed man, and applauded him according.

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It wasn’t that AKA was silent about Bonang or even about the “Tito Mboweni” hitmaker . It was just that he merely mentioned them in passing, with no acerbic or critical lilts to the mentions. With Bonang it was the same old tale of having found rocks after their relationship.

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He Did light a lamp on his relationship with , however. If you recall, he had actually cheated on her with Bonang while she was heavily pregnant with their daughter Kairo and finally left her for Bonang. He has since reconciled with DJ Zinhle and the two are an item once again following his acrimonious break with Bonang.

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At the time, Pearl Thusi had lashed out on him for being insensitive to and for cheating on her when she was heavily pregnant. In the interview, though, Pearl Thusi was calm and professional throughout and actually won many hearts with her professionalism, as she wasn’t out to pull down the Supa Mega for the hell of it or as a form of revenge for having cheated on her bestie .

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The professionalism wasn’t lost on AKA, who, besides thanking her for standing with in the days when he dumped her, admitted he had made mistakes in his relationship in the past, has learned from them and would not want to toe the same paths.

According t him: “I was at a point where I didn’t appreciate what I had… But now I’ve grown and I appreciate what I have and the woman I am with and this time I won’t fvck it up.”

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The key phrase her is “this time I won’t fvck it up.” If he is able to keep that promise should be apparent in the coming years. It would be in his interest not to, In DJ Zinhle’s interest as well and most likely Kairo’s.

That said, he has proved that maintaining decorum in an interview should be a way of life. We applaud it.

Well, what do you make of AKA’s handling of the Pearl Thusi interview? You might wish to drop your thoughts in the comment section


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