AKA & DJ Zinhle: Rainbows of a Reunion



They both have a common interest in music, and . The one is a disc jockey and singer and the other is a rapper and producer. Such was the spark between them that, according to , they began dating almost immediately they met. They totally fell for each other.

Along the line had fallen pregnant. It wasn’t something planned, and in fact at that time she had her heat entirely focused on her career. Well, she had taken in and that was it. She kept the pregnancy and carried the baby to full term.

Around this time, apparently ’s eyes were beginning to waver, and not entirely focused on her. Another lady was beginning to fly in his vision – fly in beautiful colours. He began seeing her seriously and, as he would confess later, making out with her too.

This was at a time when DJ Zinhle has heavily pregnant with the child that would later be named Kairo. For some esoteric reason, ’s interest in DJ Zinhle completely snapped at this point and he began a new and open relationship with Bonang. The new couple rocked life together – including taking a vacation to Thailand – and DJ Zinhle was completely forgotten.

Source: AKA/ Instagram

It was a dark period for the “Uzobuya” mastermind, for Kiernan, as she fondly calls him, had completely lost interest and was even flaunting his relationship with Bonang. In her dark hour, she was able to draw strength from within, supported by a few friends.

Within her, though, she still loved the SugaMega and she never stopped believing they would get back together once again. She gave birth to Kairo and stared nursing her baby. AKA cropped into the picture now and again, but only as a distant figure covered in the raiment of co-parenting.

Source: AKA/ Instagram

Somehow, AKA’s relationship with Bonang collapsed acrimoniously, with allegations of witchcraft smashing generously on Bonang’s head. With the collapse of his relationship with Bonang, AKA’s relationship with DJ Zinhle began to heal and they began getting cozy again, hiding under the cloak of co-parenting.

But the public was certain something sizzling was cooking between the couple. It held fast to that, although DJ Zinhle had stated in an interview that they were merely co-parenting and there was really nothing between them beyond that.

AKA himself began to tease the Rainbow Nation with images of his baby mama, amplifying the suspicion that something hot was in fact cooking between him and DJ Zinhle. In the past this was a tease. It no longer is, as AKA and DJ Zinhle are officially back together, with AKA stating on social media that opposites attract.  “Opposites attract,” AKA had written on social media, sharing snaps of their cozy moment together.

Source: AKA/ Instagram

With the news that AKA and DJ Zinhle are officially back together, advice squads are popping all over social media. While some hail her decision to return to the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker, others deprecated it, arguing that AKA had treated her too shabbily, and his getting back with her was only because Bonang had spurned him.

But then DJ Zinhle has made her decision. It is hers to be made – the decision to return to the man who stole her heart once upon a time, the man with whom she has a child. The public can only respect this. We do.

Again, their getting back together as a couple might be vital to Kairo’s growth into a responsible adult. She is still in her formative years, and separating her, even if temporarily, from one of both parents wouldn’t be the best idea. She would grow best with both parents present in her life and all the time too.

Whether the world is impressed or not, it remains that DJ Zinhle loves AKA and has made the decision to return to him. She deserves to be happy, and if returning to the SupaMega makes her happy, then why not?